We are in luck! We launch website and blog

We start the new year with the aim of promoting the communication of our Orbita solution, which is 100% oriented to the improvement of processes in the B2B environment. 

Our goal is not only to talk about our applications, but above all to share the knowledge acquired over the 8 years we already have experience. In this time we have developed projects in 10 different countries, which has led us to a learning that we now want to share with all those interested in this technology sector. 

As an introductory post, let’s summarize what we do. Although everything is collected on the web, we believe that in this short article you read faster and you can get a more global vision, in less time

As we have pointed out before, we are specialists in the improvement of processes in environments of relationship between companies. And the different services we offer are structured around the following applications: 

Orbita eCom

A B2B e-commerce application, which facilitates the purchase and sale of products or services through the internet between companies. Unlike B2C e-commerce, B2B e-commerce focuses on selling to other businesses. To do this, it connects to the company’s ERP and allows personalized digitization of customer-supplier relationships. The possibilities of our application are unlimited, so we invite you to delve deeper into the web

Orbita Pro

A Supplier Portal that allows companies to efficiently manage their purchasing and supply processes, as well as improve the relationship with their suppliers. It also significantly improves internal efficiency by automating posting and payment processes. In addition, it includes communication and collaboration tools between companies and their suppliers. We managed to reduce manual processing hours in these areas by up to 80%!

Orbita FacturaE 

Electronic invoicing is a way to issue and receive invoices digitally, instead of traditional paper invoicing. This allows companies to reduce costs and processing times. In addition, it facilitates the management and monitoring of invoices. In Spain, the Crea y Crece Law has imposed mandatory electronic invoicing for companies with more than 8 million euros of turnover in 2023 and for all others, in 2024. Our electronic invoice projects usually include the automation of the associated processes while implementing the electronic invoice with legal format. In this way, savings multiply.

Orbita Dashboard

A Business Intelligence tool, which collects, analyzes and presents data and statistics to support business decision making. This information can come from various sources, such as internal databases, customer surveys, market trends, etc. Orbita Dashboard helps companies improve their efficiency, identify new business opportunities and make more informed decisions.

Orbita MDM

All of the above applications are supported by Orbita Master Data Management. A set of tools and processes that are used to manage and maintain a company’s key data consistently and accurately. This master data includes information about products, customers, employees, suppliers, and other entities key to the company. Orbita MDM helps companies ensure their information systems use a single source of truth and minimize data duplication and error. In addition, an MDM system can facilitate decision-making and improve business efficiency by providing a single, consistent view of your data.

In summary, Orbita is a set of solutions that facilitate the digitalization of processes in the relationship between different companies in their customer-supplier relationships, or in collaborative work model, such as different companies within a business group, associations or similar models of organization between multiple companies.