Electronic invoicing

Digitize the flow of issuance and receipt of invoices
of your customers and suppliers and reduce your costs.

Operating with electronic invoicing is not only going to be a very important legal requirement, it is above all an opportunity to optimize business communication flows.

Thanks to the implementation of the electronic invoicing standard established by the Law, administrative processes can be automated 100%, making paper disappear definitively. Efficiency and Sustainability in the same step.

Orbita B2Brouter is a service for generating and receiving electronic invoices, which guarantees interconnection and interoperability with any other operator in the market.

It integrates with any ERP on the market through simple connectors, which Orbita itself is responsible for maintaining. The simplicity and speed of our platform allows you to start working with electronic invoicing in less than a week.

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With Orbita B2Brouter, duplications, manual procedures and errors are avoided. Don’t wait any longer to start working with the management model of the future.

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Orbita iExtract

Reduce time and effort in manual data recording processes.

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