Artificial Intelligence and RPA

Simplify operations and reduce operating costs
with Artificial Intelligence and Process Automation
through Robots (RPA)

Our mission is to reduce time and effort in manual processes, so that people can focus on the tasks that bring the most value to the company.

Tik Azul

Optimization of the purchase process and invoices of accounts payable.

Tik Azul

Automatic reconciliation of documents: orders, purchase orders, delivery notes.

Tik Azul

Reduce costs and manual operations by up to 90%.

Immediate Benefits of Process Automation

Artificial Intelligence technologies and Automatic Process Robotization produce a transformative impact on any organization, allowing scalability and adaptability to changes and new challenges in the markets at a speed not known until now.

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Orbita eCom

Increase revenue, improve profitability and reduce your costs.

Simplicity and speed


The solution is ready to work from the first minute, facilitating its implementation, with a very fast and easy learning curve for all employees of the Organization.

Save time and effort


Speed up tedious work and automate repetitive tasks so you can focus on high-impact projects.

Improving Customer and Employee Experience


The elimination of manual tasks and the speed associated with automatic processes allow a better experience at all levels, which results in greater satisfaction with companies and their services.

Increased Process Quality Safety


Through business rules and validation criteria, the quality of results is ensured through the use of technology.

Automatic dashboards, reports and alerts


Once all the data is structured and has been processed, the exploitation of it to generate knowledge and insights that allow decision making quickly and safely.

Multi-ERP integration and other applications

Tick has an ecosystem of APIs that allow it to integrate with any other application automatically, fully adapting to the requirements of our customers.

If you want to know how we can help you with the digitization of documents, talk to one of our specialists.