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Save time and money in purchasing processes

Orbita ePro is a B2B eProcurement solution that allows digitizing the complete cycle of the purchasing process, reducing manual work, eliminating errors, improving collaboration and communication between teams and suppliers.

Orbita ePro offers companies and purchasing departments a new paradigm in the way they work and relate to suppliers.

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Structured and controlled processes at all times, eliminating email as a communication medium and avoiding, therefore, errors.

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Informed decision making, based on a complete information system on supplier profiles and proposals.

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It guarantees compliance with legal requirements by suppliers, controlling at all times their legal information.

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Create stronger relationships with suppliers by increasing transparency throughout the process. From the Purchase Order to the payment of the final invoice.

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Encourage suppliers to improve, through feedback from members of the organization, as they are shared throughout the company.

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Improvement of the quality/price ratio obtained by the competition that occurs within the portal between the different suppliers.

Orbita ePro enables you to partner with suppliers to generate savings, ensure compliance, manage demand, and reduce supply chain risk to drive profitability and competitive advantage for any organization.

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Orbita Pro

The most flexible and agile supplier portal on the market, to control
and manage the entire purchasing process saving time and money.

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