Orbit 4Sustainability

Sustainability Intelligence Platform

We put all our knowledge and experience in technology to help achieve a better world.

Orbita4Sustainability is a platform that helps manage and report on the sustainability actions of any company.

It is a solution that allows not only to monitor internally, but also to measure the performance in terms of sustainability to the commercial partners of each Organization.

We are specialists in measuring Sustainability in the Supply Chain of any industry.

From the materiality analysis and the eco-certificates that companies provide on their products and services, we can identify more sustainable eco-alternatives to promote responsible consumption and sourcing in companies.

We align ourselves with any protocol related to sustainability in any field: SDG, GHG, … (check the website we had planned to do).

Grupo 20502

Orbita dashboard

Analyzing and measuring the evolution of Sustainability is a present and future challenge for organizations at the

With Orbita4Sustainability, purchasing decisions are made by analyzing the improvement of Sustainability and the economic impact of the decision.