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Our mission is to reduce the time and effort in manual data recording processes, so that people can focus on the tasks that bring the most value to the company.

Our Artificial Intelligence software is capable of extracting invoice data to facilitate automatic reconciliation and posting. Eliminates up to 80% of manual work in administration.

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The process is as follows:

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Analysis and design of the AI Solution

Study of the problem and requirements of the processes to define the most appropriate solution and establish the improvement objectives.

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Capture and
Data extraction

From any type of source and in multiple formats. Definition and development of loading and synchronization processes.

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Data Validation

Verification of data quality criteria and established business rules, to trigger automatic processes. Correction and adjustment workflows.

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Process Automation (RPA)

Using robots designed for each stage of the process, the solution is built that will allow automation that will reduce manual tasks.

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Business Intelligence and Reports

Continuous analysis and interpretation of results is key to ensuring the fulfillment of objectives and the continuous improvement of robots.

Data extraction can be applied for different types of processes:


Product Catalogs

Order Automation

Credit Control and Budgets

Reconciliation workflows

Digitization of invoices and accounting

Collection Management and Treasury Control

History of purchases, delivery notes and invoices

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Electronic tendering

Purchase Order Management

Supplier and contract management

Validation workflows

Control of expenses and budgets

Digitization of invoices and accounting

Payment Orders and Treasury Control

These are the solutions of Orbita Cloud

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Finance and accounting

Invoice entry automation
Supplier Management
Accounts Payable Control
Treasury Management
Control of accounts receivable

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Supply Chain

Sending and receiving electronic invoices
Resource Management

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Marketing & Sales

CRM integration
Onboarding of new clients
Order automation
Business Administration

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Customer Service

Customer Experience Management
Process workflow
Customer Analytics
Integration of communication channels

Our native connectors allow us a quick and easy integration with any ERP on the market.

Getting started with Orbita Cloud is fast, easy and economical.

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