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B2B solutions that streamline processes, improve operations
and increase the profitability of companies.

Orbita Cloud is a suite of applications that adapt comprehensively to any business model between companies and within the company itself.

We accelerate the Digitalization of any Organization, fulfilling 3 fundamental objectives:

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Increased Revenue
and Profitability


Improving the Experience
of Client


Reduction of
Operational Costs

These are the solutions of Orbita Cloud

Orbita eCom

B2B eCommerce, to streamline business between companies.

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Grupo 20498

Orbita Pro

Supplier Portal and P2P (Procurement to Payment) solution.

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Grupo 20466

Orbita eInvoice

Sending and receiving electronic invoices.

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Grupo 20500

Orbita iExtract

Automatic processing of PDF documents (invoices, delivery notes, orders, etc …).

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Grupo 20489

Orbita Dashboard

Business Intelligence platform for decision making based on data knowledge.

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Grupo 20439

Orbita Master Data Management

Platform for the management of Product, Customer and Supplier information.

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Grupo 20501

Orbit 4Sustainability

All the monitoring and control technology at the service of improving the Sustainability strategy.

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Grupo 20502

Whatever the challenge of improvement of any company, Orbita technology can provide an agile, simple solution, easy to implement in time and necessary resources.

Our way of working

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We automate processes, to focus resources on those tasks that generate business and value for the company.

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We understand that the path must be profitable growth and we provide the technology to achieve it through our experience.

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Business Intelligence

It is not about having data to have it, but about using it to turn it into income improvement.

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Applicable to all areas of any organization, it adapts flexibly to any process. It integrates with any other application through an API ecosystem.

We are the technological partner that every company needs to develop its business, increase revenues and improve profits.

We align ourselves with our clients’ strategy, being an integral part of their teams as a key member.

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